Hello World!

I titled this first post as an introduction. This is the first thing that you learn to display by typing a line of code, but it means more than that...
As an introduction to this first blog post, I felt the need to tell you more about the history of this project and how we got here.

The Lack

This is certainly the word that resonates most in my head when relating our story. First of all, it has a double meaning for me ...
First, the lack of riding due to a recovery period which drags on.

Then, in my view, a lack in the MTB market that I felt during ride sessions more or less successful in the past ...

So what to do to fill the lack and which one to choose?

The choice was quick for me. No vision on the development of my health in the long term, but a vision (although uncertain...) of the project that could finally fill this lack. The decision is made. I dive straight in. Hello World!

Well, here we are.

This is the first act of this creation.

This is no commercial storytelling, this is my own story. If we want to build our story with you, we must reveal a little...
This will be the standpoint of this blog.

The human 1 - The lack 0