No pain, No ride

Second post about the creation of RideLocalSpot project.

The subject here isn't the physical pain or some training methods. As I promised you in our first post, I will explain the frustrations encountered when resolving a key issue for a rider:

I am going to a place where I want to ride: how do I prepare for this?

Think, Bill Cosby.

Demonstration by example and experience.
Let me mention two.

The free gps tracks option.

Frustrating results: you start from the arrival of the path because it was identified as the starting point on the track.. and obviously the route is 40 km long, otherwise it wouldn't be fun!

Or you get to a path that isn't maintained at all, and so impassable, and you lose your time while you brought your mates with you, who are going to hate you...

Think, Lord of the Ring.

The do it yourself option to ride in a legendary place when you travel.

You rent a bike in the shop on the corner. Then you don't find guys to assist you when you're available (and yes, we are not all pro riders, no one waits for us...), so you don't give a damn and you go anyway because you don't want to leave this place after only taking 3 pictures.
So, with map in bag you set off all alone.

Frustrating results: you don't get the most out of the spot because you got lost in some places, and the changes to the path aren't on the map.

No mobile network, obviously, to warn of the slight delay to bring back the bike in the evening before the closure the shop :)

Well you might tell me that this sounds exaggerated, but

I challenge all the riders reading these lines not to recognise themselves in these words!

Solutions exist, but need to be perfected in some cases. We want to do our bit to try and minimise these frustrations, and provide a viable answer to the question at the beginning of this post.